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Creekbridge Dental offers professional tooth extractions and other general dentistry procedures, to patients throughout Brooklyn Park, MN. Dental extractions are needed when a tooth becomes infected or is severely decayed. This is an unfortunate, but sometimes a necessary procedure.

Common Reasons For Extractions:

  • Wisdom teeth – a very common extraction that sometimes requires surgery if teeth are impacted
  • Infection – if removing the tooth can stop the infection from spreading, that is the way to go, otherwise you could need a root canal if the infection gets worse
  • Routine extractions for appliances, dentures, etc.
  • Crowded mouth – common when getting orthondtia
  • Periodontal disease – infection in the tissue or bones

Before your dentist extracts your tooth you will usually be numbed. Before surgery you will generally be given a local anesthetic, and possibly “laughing gas,” or nitrous oxide to help alleviate any fears.

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