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There is a new, conservative treatment for select patients that may arrest or stop decay in its tracks. It’s called Silver Diamine Flouride or SDF. Its use has been documented for years in Japan and Australia, with significant results!

The product, SDF, has gained approval in the United States for treatment of hyper-sensitive teeth in adults. But newer studies have shown that it can also stop the progression of smaller cavities. It can also be used to prevent the start of cavities as a brush-on product, in a similar way that flouride varnishes are used today.

This product has already made its way into many dental offices across the country, as well as Medicaid patients and dental schools, as an adjunct to other preventive care measures. The ability to” paint” this product on in about 30 seconds with no noise, drill and less apprehension, is better, faster and cheaper. And less traumatic for the kids! Please ask if this treatment option for your younger children, will work for their situation.

The main downside to this product it that it will stain decay to a black color. This may not be an issue in the back of the mouth, and it may not be a problem in the front teeth, but you need to be aware. Until its covered more by insurances, patients will have to pay for the service, but it certainly is much less costly than having a filling done. So please bring this up at you next visit, discuss the pros and cons and decide if its right for you and your family.

May 24th, 2017

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