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Whenever you visit the dentist,the people caring for you and rendering treatment will probably suggest that in addition to your 2-3 daily brushings, that you also clean between your teeth daily as well. Tools at your disposal are toothpicks, floss and waterpicks. They can come in many different forms but will all do the same job if used correctly.

If you think about all the spaces that you need to care for in your mouth, your tongue, cheeks and numerous surfaces of the teeth, your tooth brush can really only touch 3/5 surfaces, or about 60%. Does it sound like leaving 40% of the food and plaque in your mouth daily can be anything but good? Yes! Yuck! You need to clear the plaque from between your teeth as well. There are two great reasons to do this every day: first you can really help prevent cavities from starting in a very difficult space and second, your gums will be so much healthier. It can also provide you with fresher breath.

So please do your homework, and spend more time with your toothbrush AND your floss! Everyone at Creekbridge Dental would be happy to give instruction and educate you personally on the best techniques for your oral care. Give us a call!

February 13th, 2017

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